Civic Leadership Development (CLD) provides a wide array of opportunities for Kelley School of Business students to gain leadership skills through hands-on volunteerism in the local community and direct contact with leaders in the non-profit sector.


Civic Leadership Development (CLD) was established at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in 1988 to promote civic responsibility and citizenship among undergraduate business students.


As of the mid-2000s, CLD was staffed by a full-time staff member, full-time graduate student, and a CLD Board of Directors.

Our mission is:

"The Civic Leadership Development Program helps Kelley students understand and appreciate philanthropy, good citizenship, and social responsibility.”

While members are encouraged to stay active and be involved, CLD allows them to contribute, even if they are able to commit only a few hours each semester.

CLD's long and short-term events provide flexibility to match with your personal goals and availability.

Members can be involved with:

  • Direct community service

  • Fundraising

  • Leadership activities

  • Educational events


Civic Leadership Development is one of six student organizations in the Kelley Institute for Social Impact (KISI). KISI offers programs and courses that encourage students to think broadly about the impact of their work on the local community and the world.

To learn more about KISI opportunities and other KISI organizations, click here


Kelley School of Business

1309 E. Tenth Street, Suite 2030

Bloomington, IN 47405

Contact Us

Email: civic@indiana.edu

Phone Number: 812-855-3049

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